Friday, April 27, 2012

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 *bismerlic VERILOQUIUM
[An] example [of macaronics] lies in Swedish inter-language jokes to English where some words are replaced with false friends so that what is said still sounds like correct English but means something else for some one who knows Swedish. An example is the sentence: "It is not the speed that kills, but the impact". In Swedish the word for speed is "fart" and impact is "smäll" (pronounced like "smell") så [sic] a Swede could say "It is not the fart that kills, but the smell". The Swedish film "Off side" where a English football player comes to Sweden to play local football uses a lot of jokes of this sort, showing the Swedes lack of knowledge for some every-day objects. For example, the English word "cup" sounds to a Swede a lot like "kopp" (which means cup) but sounds to an Englishman exactly like "cop", so when a character says that the better take out the "cops" the englishman becomes confused. Another example is when the Swedes try to translate the Swedish word "skata" (a kind of bird) and calls them "skates". So they tell the Englishman to watch out for all the skates pooing everywhere.
Wikipedia entry on Macaronic Language

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